Hoarding and Clutter: Declutter Your Home to Solve the Problem

If you’re a hoarder, you may want to think about several ways to declutter your home.

Hoarding may start from ‘innocent and harmless’ idea when people want to collect stuffs that are memorable and close to their hearts. But, when their social life is restricted and they don’t run a healthy and normal life, then it’s not so innocent or harmless anymore.

On the contrary, people can get sick because of hoarding behaviors. They can even have other problems affecting their social life, relationship, and interaction with other people.

Hoarding and Clutter

Hoarding and clutter are always connected with one another . In hoarding disorder, the hoarders will grow emotional attachments with all the stuffs they and will feel depressed if the items are gone or discarded.

They will feel as if a part of themes have been ripped off and they are powerless without those items. When they’re no longer having any storage compartments, they will use every inch of their house to keep the items. Often times, they will use the table, the laundry room, and even the sink to place their stuffs.

In most cases, hoarders home will be filled with stuffs up to their ceiling and they’re left with narrow passage to move from one room to another; similar to the labyrinth. The effects from such activities are clear, such as:

  • They may suffer from certain illnesses or diseases because the stacks and piles can be the breeding ground for insects, rats, or termites.
  • They can’t run their daily activities normally and well. as it was mentioned before, most of the stuffs are piled up on the counter, sink, or other places, so the hoarders can’t really cook, wash the dishes, or even operating the computer freely. They need to do it very carefully or maybe move some stuffs so they can do those activities.
  • They have very limited social life and interactions with others.

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Dealing with Clutter – Declutter Your Home

If you want to declutter your home, there’re several ways to do it:

  • Find the right storage, such as cupboards, book cases or room closets.
  • Give yourself time and just do it slowly.
  • Start from one room. Once one room is finished, move to another one.
  • Ask for help and accompaniment. It would be better to have someone else to help.
  • Stay organized and committed to do it.
  • Understand the real issue.

These methods are usually incorporated within hoarding treatments. If people understand the importance of doing these treatments slowly, they should be able to deal with their hoarding and clutter issue.

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